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Dongxu Kangtu Technology Leads Market Innovation to Win the Future

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Update time : 2021-01-22 17:41:57

At the end of the 2020, China has put forward the goal of 2030 the installed capacity of wind power and solar energy to reach more than 1.2 billion kilowatts, and the road map for achieving 2030 "carbon peak" and 2060 "carbon neutrality" has become increasingly clear. Both the new energy itself and the entire energy system must make further positive changes to push technological innovation deeper.


The progress of photovoltaic manufacturing technology plays an important role in the industrial chain, and the technology of large-size and high-power modules is flourishing-the size of cells is increased and the efficiency is improved. The power of photovoltaic modules has entered the era of 500W and 600W +; AI intelligent factory ensures quality, high-speed automatic output helps single-watt cost reduction, component manufacturing enters the era of high-speed intelligent manufacturing......


As a new energy enterprise, to do a good job in products and enterprises is the primary task of contributing to the goal of carbon neutrality. Driven by the corporate mission of "coordinated development, green environment, green energy, and building a beautiful home for mankind", Dongxu Kangtu insists on taking technological innovation as the driving force for development, and strives to improve the technological content of products, committed to becoming a leading domestic manufacturer of solar modules.


2019, the company began to think about using large-size batteries to increase power, November the same year, the fully automatic assembly line, which represents the new level of intelligent manufacturing in the industry, has been successfully completed and put into production, and the production efficiency of the new line has been improved by 50%. It can be compatible with international mainstream component products such as half-piece and multi-gate.


The company has a product research and development laboratory that meets the new international standards of ISO/IEC and CNAS certification standards, and has the leading research and development strength in the industry, which can comprehensively improve the ability of photovoltaic module development, testing and testing; all chemical experiments, environmental tests and other projects can fully ensure that the product can withstand natural erosion outdoors; Before the product is assembled, all materials are selected and certified through testing and evaluation to ensure 25 years of power generation.


In the first quarter of the 2020, we launched 158.75 series of multi-main gate half-chip components, and realized large-scale mass production and mass shipment; In order to further respond to the demand for cost reduction and efficiency increase at the station end, the company actively engaged in the development of a new generation of ultra-high power components, the second quarter, the industry mainstream 166 series multi-main grid half-chip components to achieve mass production, mass production power broke a new high, up to 500W plus.


In addition, Dongxu Kangtu continues to carry out technical upgrades to discover the best cost performance of battery-side PERC technology, such as half-chip and multi-main gate combination, which can improve hot spots through half-chip, multi-main gate reduces cracking and other power generation; Non-destructive cutting technology can reduce the damage to silicon wafers; Half-chip technology can reduce the internal loss of 75% and reduce land use; multi-main gate technology can improve component efficiency by 0.4% ~ 0.6%......


The integration of these technologies not only gave birth to the 144-piece double-glass multi-main gate single-crystal components of Dongxu Xulu 166 series, but also realized the successful offline of the first batch of 182 and a half pieces of Kangtu components at the end of the 2020, this series of components combines the high-end technical advantages of the component market and the innovative power of Kangtu. Compared with the previous generation, the power is increased by 95W, the BOS cost can be reduced by about 4%, and the power cost can be reduced by about 3%, it has greatly improved the ability of enterprises to realize the demand for efficient products on the market side, and has become an important milestone in the road of component upgrading.


At present, the company's high-efficiency products have been applied to centralized photovoltaic power stations and various photovoltaic poverty alleviation, fishing and light complementary projects across the country, and bring practical benefits to the output.


In addition to attaching importance to component technology research and development, the company is more vigorously reserve and cultivate innovative talents, is the first batch of production and education integration enterprises in Anhui Province. In recent years, it has joined forces with Anhui University, West Anhui University and other key colleges and universities to form strategic alliances in technology development and personnel training to promote the accelerated transformation of scientific and technological achievements and achieve fruitful innovation results. At the same time, the company attaches great importance to internal talent training, fully taps the potential, encourages independent innovation, and accumulates talent strength for the transformation of superior technological innovation.


Relying on the comprehensive advantages of professional team, advanced technology, precision manufacturing, all-round quality control and high-end standards, Dongxu Kangtu component power generation stability, environmental adaptability, photoelectric conversion efficiency are at the leading level in the industry.


With R & D innovation as the core, technology upgrading as the foundation, and market demand as the guidance. In the future, Dongxu Kangtu will continue to improve product quality, service quality and management level, and strive to provide the whole society with higher quality Dongxu products.